Photius Welding System

Photius 1There are several 'Bug' welding systems available on the market today. Some are semi-automatic, with the limitations that is inherent with a semi-automatic system. Some are fully automatic, with the cost implications that comes with that level of automation.

Photius is somewhat different. Photius has all the automation expected of a high end machine at a fraction of the cost.

Small and light enough for onshore pipelines, Photius weighs in at less that 16.5Kg minimising operator fatigue. It's low profile requires minimal clearance under the pipe.

Operation of Photius is intuitive and the unique design of the operator control unit ensures that any operator can reach maximum productivity in the shortest possible time.

Photius is sealed and designed to work in the most aggressive environments on the planet, so offshore applications are no problem.

Photius 2Full power source integration is included from programme selection, to automatic voltage/current control, external wire feed control, gas control amongst others (depending on power source capability). Photius can also control simple weld power sources as required.

Photius is equally at home in the renewables sector, and it's accuracy and repeatability of welds ensures that every weld is carried out with the minimum of rework.

Whatever your industry, whatever your work environment, Photius is able to create high accuracy, repeatable welds with the minimum of set-up.

Photius is modular and customisable to suit any applications, including saddle welds with an impressive basic specification.Photius 3

Minimum External Weld Diameter 8” (200mm)
Maximum External Weld Diameter ∞ (Flat)
Minimum Internal Weld Diameter 56” (1.4Mtrs)
Maximum Depth of Weld Seam 3” (75mm)
Maximum Oscillation Width 2½” (63mm)
Dwell Time (Independently Adjustable) 0.01 Second to ∞
Travel Speed 0-300”/Min (0-7       Mtrs/Min)
Wire Capacity 0-2mm (Solid and Flux Core)

Photius 4

Photius can save and relay every bit of weld information direct to a highly secure database, and even include X-Ray or ultrasound inspection data to allow simple inclusion into any reports or QA logs. All of this data can be fed through our Vulcan Weld Deep Learning Package* to help prevent weld defects before they happen.

Some systems are advertised as being the 'leader in the field', some are advertised as being ahead of the curve, Photius is simply redefining what any customer should expect their equipment to be capable of achieving.

Photius - The Benefits

  • Semi, Fully and selectable Automatic features
  • 5 axis high precision control
  • Manual or Automatic torch angle control
  • Standard Bevel and Narrow Gap welding
  • 1G/2G/5G/6G positional welding
  • Onboard and Offboard wire feed capability
  • Free Lifetime Software Updates
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Ability to connect to Project Vulcan Weld AI system
  • Network capability across multiple devices on the same project
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Access to A8 for weld data storage and sharing
  • Anti-Tamper weld parameters
  • Multi-Function Remote Control
  • Visual Data Display on Gas Box
  • Advanced connectivity for Power Source Control
  • Simple Retro Fitting of all optional extras.
  • No Software License Fee

Photius - A Paradigm Shift in Welding Technology