Phil is the heart of the design team here at MPP Technologies Ltd. He is a chap who has had a very wide range of experience in machine design and manufacturing, along with nearly two decades in the Disaster Restoration Industry. He has a very wide range of experiences and in the past he designed the Firefly Welding Bug. Only a single patent was applied for with Firefly. Photius has several patents pending across multiple areas of the system.

“I learned a lot when I designed Firefly”, Phil says, “And now the time has come to release Photius to the world”

Phil has been studying a range of technologies, and they have come together in the foundation of a new company, and new technologies. More about the amazing Photius and its capabilities are available on our product page.

Along with learning from the past, Phil has been looking to the future. Technologies that were simply not available when Firefly was designed are now common place, and Phil has been studying these new technologies with a passion. From motion and control systems to Artificial Intelligence. Project Vulcan is our AI ‘personality’ and will help prevent a range of weld defects. Our access to the A8 system allows us to securely share weld data far more simply and securely than any other system.

As far as hobbies and interests, Engineering being the primary vocation, hobby and interest, Phil enjoys reading, walks with his dog, shooting and has even taken part in a TV Quiz show. When asked what the hardest single question was in the quiz, Phil laughs and says “Who am I and where am I from, that took about 12 takes in the end and resulted in my subsequent appearance in an outtake show”

Photius - The Benefits

  • Semi, Fully and selectable Automatic features
  • 5 axis high precision control
  • Manual or Automatic torch angle control
  • Standard Bevel and Narrow Gap welding
  • 1G/2G/5G/6G positional welding
  • Onboard and Offboard wire feed capability
  • Free Lifetime Software Updates
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Ability to connect to Project Vulcan Weld AI system
  • Network capability across multiple devices on the same project
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Access to A8 for weld data storage and sharing
  • Anti-Tamper weld parameters
  • Multi-Function Remote Control
  • Visual Data Display on Gas Box
  • Advanced connectivity for Power Source Control
  • Simple Retro Fitting of all optional extras.
  • No Software License Fee

Photius - A Paradigm Shift in Welding Technology